Ta Phin Village: The Home Of Sophisticated Handmade Brocade

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Apr 18

Along with Cat Cat Village and Sin Chai Village, Ta Phin Village is one of the attractive destinations in Sapa. Known as “Brocade village”, Ta Phin Village is the home of the Red Dzao and H’mong people who are skillful in making unique and sophisticated brocade. The best time to visit Ta Phin Village is from September to October or from March to May, during which the weather is fairly cool and dry. At the same time, from September to October is the harvest season of rice paddy, which is the best time to see shiny yellow terraced rice paddy fields.


Situated about 15 km from the center of Sapa, Ta Phin Village is the nearest village of the Red Dzao people in Sapa. The road to Ta Phin Village lies on a side of the mountain; thus, while traveling there, you will have a chance to see a well-blended and colorful picture of terraced rice paddy fields, mountain ranges, streams and hill tribe houses. Since the road to Ta Phin Village is very curvy, narrow and is not always in a good condition, it is advisable to get there by motorbike. If you are confident riding a motorbike yourself, you can easily rent one in the town center. It costs around 10 USD for a full day rent. Otherwise, you can hire a motorbike-taxi (xe ôm) which is ridden by a local person to take you there. One-way trip usually costs around 7 USD or maybe less if you are good at bargaining.


Upon arrival at Ta Phin Village, you will be pleased by the hospitality of people there.  Don’t be surprised if you are approached by some local people and get invited to their houses. If you are curious to see their houses, and listen to their stories about their family, then it does no harm to follow them to their houses. Before you leave, it is the courtesy to buy a least one product from them. While walking around the village, you will come across a group of Red Dzao women gathering and sewing non-stop even when they are selling products to customers. The Red Dzao women are famously adept at creating beautiful brocade products, ranging from clothes to handbags and scarfs. You can buy these pretty and authentic products as souvenirs at the local shops in Ta Phin Village with reasonable price. As the demand for handmade brocade products increases, many shops from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City directly order these products from Ta Phin Village to not only sell to customers in Vietnam but also export to many countries in the world.


To get the best out of Ta Phin Village, it is recommended to book a homestay there. You will have an opportunity to not only enjoy the picturesque scenery of nature there but also explore the local people’s culture and lifestyle.  Staying at a house of the Red Dzao people, you will have a lot of unforgettable experiences. For example, soaking in an herbal bath is not a common experience you can find in anywhere else. The Red Dzao people are renowned for their invention of the herbal bath. The combination of many herbs and hot water creates an amazing bath with a pleasant aroma, which is able to soothe your aching muscles as well as to wash away all your tiredness after a long day travel.

If you want to explore Ta Phin Village through trekking, there are several trekking tours for you to consider.  You can book a tour from either tour operators such as Sapa O’ Chau, Buffalo Tour or private tour guides found in Triip.me. The tour price varies, depending on the number of guests, service included and so on. A one-day trekking tour to Ta Phin Village offered by Sapa O’Chau is priced at 20 USD per person for a group of 6 people. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes and bring with you a raincoat since the weather in Sapa is famously unpredictable.

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