Ham Rong Mountain – The Heaven Of Exotic Flora And Fauna

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Apr 21

Overlooking Sapa Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain is the heaven of exotic and beautiful flora and fauna. What’s more, from San May (Cloud Yard) –the peak of Ham Rong Mountain, at the altitude of 1800 meters, you will have a chance to enjoy the spectacular view of Sapa town. Isn’t it intriguing enough to pay a visit to Ham Rong Mountain?

The mountain is called Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) since its shape resembles a dragon’s head in the midst of white clouds. The mysterious mountain is a source of many legends. There is one story often told by local people there. It is said that a couple of dragons, because of too attached to each other, didn’t notice that there was a deluge coming and sweeping everything it caught, which make them have to separate from each other. A long time after their separation, until now the female dragon still heads to the male dragon in Hoang Lien Son Mountain.

Like Sapa Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain is among the first and foremost places to visit for tourists staying in the hotels/hostels that are located in the center of Sapa. It is advisable to take a walk to Stone Church and then walk up to Ham Rong Mountain afterward. The best season to visit the mountain is spring when the whole mountain turns into a big and colorful garden with a lot of blooming flowers. Walking on the cobbled road and heading to a wild peach forest to see peach blossoms, and then visit orchid gardens with hundreds of beautifully and uniquely colored flowers, you will understand why Ham Rong Mountain is always on the list of the must-see attractions in Sapa.


In addition, for people who love adventure, climbing to San May-the peak of Ham Rong Mountain can be a good exercise before conquering the highest mountain-Mountain Fansipan. From San May, on clear days, along with the panoramic view of Sapa’s landscapes, you will be able to see the peak of Mountain Fansipan. Once you reach to San May, it is time to take a break and enjoy the view around you.

Last but not least, there are some tips you can pick up to have a great visit to Ham Rong Mountain:

  •    During the rainy season, the cobbled stairs to the San May can get very slippery.
  •    The routes to the top are easy walking and there is no need for a guide.
  •    Make sure that you are a good shape to climb to the peak. It can be a strenuous climb for those who are not ready physically
  •    If you go with family or a group of friends on a sunny day to the mountain, why don’t you arrange a picnic with your beloved ones?

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