4 Tips To Choose The Right Accommodation In Sapa

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Apr 01
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Undoubtedly, choosing a right accommodation is an extremely important part of any trip because after all, it is where you are going to spend a few precious days to rest and relax.  While searching the information about accommodation in Sapa, at some points, you may feel paralyzed since there are so many options available. The 4 following tips will help you alleviate your suffer caused by “the paradox of choice”.


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  1.    Create your own criteria first

Before searching information about accommodation, you should start creating a list of criteria for your ideal accommodation. The sample list could include room rate, location, service, cancellation policy and so on. The more thorough your list is, the more quickly you will find your ideal accommodation.  In my case, my friend and I have a tight budget for our trip to Sapa; hence, we put the room rate is our first and foremost priority, followed by the other criteria such as location and service.  You can read my previous article about accommodation in Sapa to take a glimpse of what kinds of accommodation are available in Sapa.

  1.    Check the information about the accommodation carefully

Even when you have done your research based on your criteria and finally find the accommodation you like, don’t be rushed to book it right away. Take your time to check and verify all the information about the accommodation. For example, the room rate may not include breakfast and service charge; the room is not actually the same as the picture of it. Hence, it is advisable to read reviews about the accommodation on some trustworthy sites such as tripadvisor.com and agoda.com.

  1.    Contact directly the provider of accommodation that you are interested in

Although you can book online via some famous sites such as tripadvisor.com or agoda.com, it does no harm to contact directly to the accommodation provider. If there is any information you want to clarify, the best way is to call and ask the provider yourself.  Plus, you can even make a better deal if you call directly to the provider.

  1.    Avoid Vietnamese public holidays and weekends

It is highly recommended to avoid Vietnamese public holidays and weekends since these days are the time the majority of Vietnamese tourists choose to travel to Sapa.  The town is always crowded during these days; consequently, there are not enough accommodations for all tourists in a little town. Not only the room rate goes up dramatically but also it is much more difficult to book a room in any kinds of accommodation. If your travel itinerary falls into these days, make sure to book a room, at least, one month early.

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