Discover The Sapa Vietnam

The Mysterious Coc San
Sapa, a mountainous village surrounded by the vast mountain ranges, lush foliage, and terraced rice paddy fields, is the darling[...]
Ham Rong Mountain – The Heaven Of Exotic Flora And Fauna
Ham Rong Mountain - The Heaven Of Exotic Flora And Fauna
Ancient Rock Field In Sapa
Before established as a hill station by French, Sapa was the home of prehistoric human a long time ago. The ancient rock field is notably considered the stark evidence of the prehistoric human’s inhibition in Sapa
Tram Ton Pass: The Highest Mountain Pass In Vietnam
Famous for its vast and magnificent mountain ranges, Sapa is capable of dazzling any visitors with its beauty
Cat Cat Village
Situated in Muong Hoa Valley and only 3 km far from the center of Sapa, Cat Cat Village is one the most popular destinations chosen by tourists coming to Sapa. Since it is the closest village to the town center, Cat Cat Village welcomes a lot of visitors every day, making it become one of the most touristic villages in Sapa.
Sapa Stone Church: The Witness Of Sapa’s History
Quietly situated in the center of Sapa, Stone Church (as known as Holy Rosary Church) is one of a few remnants of the French colonization in Sapa
Ta Phin Village: The Home Of Sophisticated Handmade Brocade
Along with Cat Cat Village and Sin Chai Village, Ta Phin Village is one of the attractive destinations in Sapa
Sin Chai Village: The Pristine Village In Sapa
Sin Chai Village, the home of the Black H’mong people, is well-known as one of the best-view-of-rice- terraces place in Sapa. Sin Chai is among few villages, which remain pristine and haven’t become touristy, in Sapa
Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver waterfall): A Touch Of Nature
If you are in the phase of planning for your Sapa trip, Thac Bac Waterfall should be on your list of the must-visit spots in Sapa.
Muong Hoa Valley: What Do Need To Know
Known as one of the most popular attractions in Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley is a place of great charm. Nestled between two ranges of mountains, Muong Hoa Valley is granted with the incredibly photogenic scenery.
Trekking Tips
Sapa is surrounded by terraced rice paddy fields and vast mountain ranges. Hence, trekking is one of the most popular activities that most of tourists choose to take part in during their stay in Sapa.
4 Tips To Choose The Right Accommodation In Sapa
As a popular tourist attraction, Sapa, a small hilly town in north-west Vietnam, has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of hotels, hostels, and homestays.
4 Pocket Tips About Transportation To Sapa
In the article “How to get to Sapa”, I shared with you a lot of information about different means of[...]
3 Handy Shopping Tips When You Are In Sapa
For most travelers, shopping is an integral part of traveling. However, shopping can be exciting and disappointing. The line between fun and frustration can be very thin when you go shopping in Sapa.
Shopping In SaPa
Even though Sapa is just a small hilly town in northwest Vietnam, it is now filled with restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.
7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out In SaPa
Dotted with many idyllic natural landscapes, Sapa, a small hilly town in northwest Vietnam, never ceases dazzling tourists with its drop-dead gorgeous appearance. If you are in the phase of planning your trip to Sapa, then there are seven things you shouldn’t miss out while staying there.
Transportation To Go Around Sapa
Sapa, a majestically mountainous town in the north-west of Vietnam, is the darling of both domestic and international tourists for its incredibly breath-taking mountains and terraced rice fields. To explore and enjoy the beauty of Sapa, there are four popular means of transportation to go around the town.
Stay In Sapa
Since its rebirth as a tourist attraction, Sapa has witnessed a boom in its hospitality industry as a variety of accommodations has been built, offering a wide range of services to meet the tourist’s needs.
Sapa Cuisine
Sapa, the marvelous highland town, is famous for not only its beautiful, breath-taking scenery and multi-colored hill-tribe cultures, but also its variety of delicious foods.
Sapa- A Must-Visit Place In Vietnam
If you are considering traveling to Vietnam and still searching some places that are picturesque, yet affordable to go, then[...]
How To Get To Sapa
Sapa, the majestic mountainous village in Lao Cai Province, 380 km far from Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam, is one of[...]